To assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely. — Maria Montessori

Parent Testimonials

We didn't know about the Montessori Method specifics, but it clearly works and our child is thriving.

Perth Children's House has been a life changing experience for our two children who thrived in the warm, positive, Montessori environment. What an amazing community in which our children have grown and learned!

The Montissori method is a wonderful alternative to teaching life/academic skills. PCH is a small school with excellent resources for teaching these skills along with very knowledgeable and passionate teachers.

The teachers do an amazing job. They take on our children every day and teach them and guide them to becoming a smart and educated child. They are the first ones to get our children involved in the school system and have our children be excited to go to school and looking forward to going to school. They teach them the responsibility of getting involved in school activities. I think these 3 people deserve a big round of applause. I thank them every day at pick up when Im there. So thank you again. :)