The adult ought never to mold the child after himself, but should leave him alone and work always from the deepest comprehension of the child himself. — Maria Montessori


Boy playing at Pearth Children's HouseReady to learn more about our Montessori program?

Contact our registrar by email at or call 613-267-5199.  Take a tour, meet our staff, and ask any further questions about our school.

After the tour, we can provide you with a pre-registration form which can be filled out and returned to the school. For an upcoming school year, registrations are considered in early April, once the returning students are slotted in.

Pre-Registration Online Registration

Students may pre-register at any time by completing a pre-registration form. Pre-registration entitles the child to be placed in sequence on a waiting list. If you wish, you may even pre-register an infant to reserve a spot 2 to 3 years in the future!

No child can attend Perth Children's House without a completed pre-registration form on file at the school.

Priority of Enrollment

The following list describes the priority sequence for children enrolling at Perth Children’s House, in descending order of priority:

  1. returning students
  2. date of application submitted by siblings of returning students
  3. date of application submitted by siblings of former students who have completed the 3 year program
  4. date of application submitted by children of full time staff members
  5. date of application submitted by a new student

The Registrar will maintain a single waiting list of children for future enrollment. Parents of currently enrolled children with siblings are encouraged to put the sibling's name on this list as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Further details are available in our Parent Handbook (PDF).

Attendance requisites

Perth Children’s House is committed to providing a schedule that meets the needs of parents while maintaining a learning environment consistent with Montessori philosophy.  Children may attend the school:

May attend full days, mornings only, or a combination of both mornings only and full days. No afternoon-only half days are permitted for first-year students.
Are required to attend a minimum of three full days.
May attend afternoon-only half days when space is available, only after meeting the minimum requirement of 3 full days.
May not attend mornings-only in order to allow space for first year students.
Must attain a minimum of three “starts” on different days of the week.

Admission Policy

Perth Children’s House has a non-discriminatory admission policy. Any child that meets the age and toilet training requirements may attend. Perth Children's House has facilities and staff to accommodate 23 children per half-day, ages 30 months to 6 years. Your child must be toilet trained and is encouraged to have independent toileting skills.  The maximum teacher child ratio is 1:8.  Because the Montessori program is a multi-year program, children will not be accepted into the first year of the program past January of the year of their 4th birthday, unless they are transferring from another Montessori school.  In regards to children who are under 44 months of age, the Day Nurseries Act requires PCH to provide a hot lunch during full day attendance at a daily cost to parents.

Perth Children's House school year runs from September to June.  When spots are available, provided students meet the minimum requirements, new students may start in either September or January of the current year.  In order for a child to start in January, PCH Admittance Policy prefers students to have reached the minimum age of 30 months by August 31st of the current school year.  If needed, children aged 30 months or older as of January 1st of the current school year may be considered for admittance at the discretion of the board, in collaboration with the teachers, based on an assessment of the classroom and the evaluation of the individual child, on a case by case basis.