Casa fee structures

Tuition rates are quoted per month and based upon full time (5 full day) attendance per week, regardless of absence, statutory holidays and/or PA Days. Tuition fees reserve the child’s spot.

Tuition rates for the 2023-2024 school year are $840 (returning students) and $920 (new students) and is due on the 1st of each month from September-May; this is based on $42.00 (returning students) and $46.00 (new students) per day.

A non-refundable registration/administration fee of $250 per family for the first student plus $50 per additional student is due upon registration. June’s tuition payment is also due upon registration and non-refundable.

For the purposes of tuition calculation, students transferring from another Montessori school are considered “new students”.

Elementary fee structures

Tuition rates are set at $8800, or $880 monthly, for the 2023/24 school year.

A non-refundable registration/administration fee of $250 and a deposit of $2000 are due upon registration.


Students may be pre-registered and added to our waitlists at any time by completing the appropriate pre-registration form. If you wish, you may even pre-register your infant! Pre-registration entitles the child to be placed on a waiting list in sequence based on our priority of enrollment criteria. For example, siblings of returning students are given priority over new students. 

No child can attend Perth Children’s House without a completed pre-registration form on record with the school. Our Registrar will be in touch with you once they receive a form submission notification to confirm that your child has been placed on the waiting list. Please follow up with the Registrar if you do not receive confirmation within seven (7) business days.

The waiting lists will be managed, maintained, and kept confidential by the Registrar. Information about where a child is on the list will only be given to parents/guardians of that child.

For an upcoming school year, registrations are considered in April, once returning students are slotted in. Please note that the number of spots available each year fluctuates depending on, among other factors, how many spots are vacated by graduates of the program.

Casa program pre-registration form

Casa Parent_Guardian Handbook 2023-2024

Elementary program pre-registration form

Elementary Parent_Guardian Handbook 2023-2024

Contact the Registrar by email at:

Priority of Enrollment

Prospective students of Perth Children’s House’s Casa and Elementary programs are placed on wait lists based on a pre-determined priority of enrollment sequence. Information about the priority of enrollment sequence and your child’s position on the wait list is available upon request via the Registrar. 

The Registrar will maintain separate waitlists of students for future enrollment. Parents of currently enrolled children with siblings are encouraged to put the sibling’s name on this list as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Attendance Requirements

Casa program

PCH is committed to providing a schedule that meets the needs of parents while maintaining a learning environment consistent with the Montessori philosophy.  Currently, only full-time admission is offered (5 full days a week); this is keeping with the Montessori philosophy that the child thrives when immersed in the program.

Elementary program

The Elementary program will require full-time (5 days per week) attendance.

Eligibility and Admission Policies

Casa program

The facility that houses our Casa program can accommodate 23 children per half-day, ages 30 months to 6 years. Children must be toilet trained and are encouraged to have independent toileting skills.

The maximum teacher child ratio is 1:8.

Because the Montessori program is a multi-year program, children will not be accepted into the first year of the program past January of the year of their 4th birthday, unless they are transferring from another Montessori school. In regards to children who are under 44 months of age, the Child Care and Early Years Act requires PCH to provide a hot lunch during full day attendance at a daily cost to parents.

The PCH school year runs from September to June. When spots are available, provided students meet the minimum requirements, new students may start in either September or January of the current year. In order for a child to start in January, PCH must be accepting new students. Additionally, PCH Admittance Policy prefers students to have reached the minimum age of 30 months by August 31st of the current school year. If needed, children aged 30 months or older as of January 1st of the current school year may be considered for admittance at the discretion of the Board, in collaboration with the teachers, based on an assessment of the classroom and the evaluation of the individual child, on a case-by-case basis.

Elementary program

Perth Children’s House now offers an Elementary program; the Elementary program is divided into Lower (Grades 1-3) and Upper (Grades 4-6) classrooms. The Elementary Montessori program is a multi-year program; children enter the first year of Lower Elementary (Grade 1) unless they are transferring from another Montessori school. Students with no prior Montessori experience may be considered for entry into Grades 2-6, on a case-by-case basis.