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Spring Children

We are continuing our partnership with Spring Children.
It’s easy… drop off freshly laundered and stain-free items for consignment, they select items they believe will appeal to their customers and the school gets 50% of the sale price of each item donated by a PCH family.

Drop-Off & Selection Process
PCH Families can drop off freshly laundered & stain-free items for consignment at any time during store hours! Spring Children will select the items they believe will appeal to their customers; sometimes there will be items they cannot accept which they will donate to a local charity. Please bring no more than 50 items per drop-off to allow Spring Children time to get items tagged, priced and displayed in a timely manner.

Pricing & Pay-outs
PCH receives 50% of the selling price on each of PCH Family donated items.

Displaying & Accountability
Donated items will be displayed for 3 months. After the 3 month period, any unsold items will become property of Spring Children and donated to a local charity.

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